G.A.S. Workshops

To raise the level of Gratitude and Appreciation in the world.
Deborah StellingwerffFinding Gratitude by living from your Zone of Genius
Zahra EfanHow to create an abundantly successful business based upont the principals of Gratitude.
Jeanette MartinLifting Up Using Gratitude
Freda LombardArt Therapy - Journaling
Barb WallikHolistic Financial Planner
Charmaine HammondAppreciation to Sponsorship - How to implement
Tiffany ElsenerCultivate a Corporate Culture of Gratitude
Cheryl Bishop Charting your Gratitude Map
Kathy FesterRelationship Marketing Strategy
Boardroom Experience:
Ben Baker - Your Brand Marketing
How to Effectively Tell Your Story Behind Your Brand (Limited to 14 VIP Tickets)