Jeanette Y. Martin

Founder and Chairperson - President of MYBC Consulting (

Connection, Collaboration, and Community

Jeanette’s company, MYBC Consulting, lives by three core values: connection, collaboration, and community.

Jeanette is energetic about helping others share their true authentic story with the world and in helping them make true, authentic connections on social media and in their communities. She shows people how to take their “in-real-life” business skills and apply them to today’s online, social media world.

Chairperson's Message

Gratitude & Appreciation is the foundation of my Life.

Gratitude & Appreciation is the foundation of my Life. I recently read a book by Kody Bateman, “The Power of Human Connection – How Relationship Marketing is Transforming the Way People Succeed”. This book brought together all my thoughts, feelings, and core beliefs to build relationship first, last, and ALWAYS! The ‘G.A.S.’ event was an idea planted on my heart and my heart sent it to my mind then it exploded into reality. I am thrilled to invite to the first in the world event of a day of Gratitude for ourselves and a day of Appreciation for all in our Lives.